Firefly Script

  • You will receive a color copy of the 55 page PILOT script for the hit TV show Firefly which aired 9/20/2002.
  • The following copy signatures are on the cover:
    Nathan Fillion … Captain Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds
    Gina Torres … Zoë Washburne
    Alan Tudyk … Hoban 'Wash' Washburne
    MorenaBaccarin … Inara Serra
    Adam Baldwin … Jayne Cobb
    Jewel Staite … Kaylee Frye
    Sean Maher … Dr. Simon Tam
    Summer Glau … River Tam
    Ron Glass … Shepherd Book
    Joss Whedon … Writer/Director


Product Description


Qualtiy Merchandise, Easy Transaction, Very Well Satisfied, Highly Recommend” - Patty F. (Newtown PA)
Now I can memorize the monologues…..thanks!” - Gary G. (Incline Village, NV)
Wonderful – Easy transaction!!” - Teresa W. (Newton, GA)